The Blockchain Movement has Already Begun for Many Industry Leaders and Future Shapers

The Blockchain Movement has Already Begun for Many Industry Leaders and Future Shapers

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Many industry leading and market swaying companies are silently making their moves to get ready for mainstream blockchain adoption. Apple and Google have continued to steadily hone their rules and regulations around blockchain integration, which is itself a giant signal, while almost all top investment firms have maintained or enhanced their stance on the viability of blockchain technology and its many applications.

Preparation in Anticipation

With the recent filing of a patent signaling that they plan to create a system for certifying timestamps, Apple set a precedent for the use of blockchain technology in the app store. Many have taken these regulatory developments as somewhat of a hit to blockchain’s progress in the world of gaming. Make no mistake, Apple is a gaming company. According to Market Watch, around 78% of Apple’s revenue comes from game downloads within the app store. However, Tello argues this move simply shows that Apple wants to maintain their hold on the mobile games market through the shift into blockchain.


<cite>Tim Tello, COO</cite>

Tello believes Apple’s regulatory measures are just that. Regulatory. As a market leader, Apple knows to be careful and create rules around the use of this relatively new technology. According to Tello, Apple is essentially “Getting all of their ducks in a row today so they can see the return they want tomorrow,” because they know what’s coming.

The Power of Potential

In addition to both Apple and Google readying themselves for this new market, the largest investment firms are doing what they’ve always done: researching and finding startups that utilize new technologies to invest in. The world’s largest asset manager, Blackrock, has recently launched a new ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund) to provide European customers exposure to blockchain-related companies to invest in. Signifying a deepening trust in blockchain technology, many industries see the advantages of the technology and are changing the way they do business.


<cite>David Solomon, CEO</cite>

As the Crypto Winter continues, the effects of the latest collapse ripples through the world of blockchain. Many have predicted that the sentiment around blockchain would dampen with investors the way it has with the general public. However, in spite of what you might see in the news, companies with strong influence continue to invest heavily in blockchain, for one simple reason – as Goldman Sachs CEO, David Solomon, plainly put it, “The underlying technology continues to perform.”


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