POQ's Players' DAO Gives Power back to the Players

POQ's Players' DAO Gives Power back to the Players

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It is important to remember that for a while now, it has been apparent to many that an interoperable token is a necessary step in the evolution of gaming. Amazon has tried it, Zynga has tried it. The issue they ran into was the inability to track what game the coin was bought in and what game the coin was executed in, essentially losing track of the life cycle of the token. The servers of the time were simply not equipped to track these transaction histories. However, now that blockchain is at the forefront of the industry, the creation of Quarters has made this possible.

Power to the Players

What Quarters allow POQ to do is give power back to the players. One of the ways this is done is by the creation of a second token called Q2. Q2s act as the governance token for what is known as the Players’ DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Meaning those who hold Q2 tokens have governance over the use and operations of Q2s. According to Tello, the real strength of the Players’ DAO is that “it does not act as a democracy, but instead as a republic meaning the 99% controls the 1%.”


<cite>Tim Tello, COO</cite>

In the past, players would make a one-time purchase and have access to all downloadable content. Tello said, “Developers loved those days. That was really like the true golden era for video games.” POQ is ushering in a new golden era for games where developers are able to produce creative, engaging games they are proud of without having to worry about the need for monetization or pandering to investors. This system allows players the power to vote for which games they want to see get made, incentivizing developers to build games for the players.

Q2s & the Players’ DAO

There are four main incentives for owning Q2s and taking part in the Players’ DAO. The first of which being what we already discussed: true governance. True governance means Q2 holders vote on issues concerning the development and operations of Q2s. Second, there is a buy and burn mechanism built into the Q2 ecosystem. This means fifteen percent of all revenue from Quarters sales is redistributed into the Q2 ecosystem, increasing the value of Q2s. Third is the ability to stake your Q2 tokens. By staking your Q2s, you are effectively reinvesting your tokens and you are able to earn more Q2s as a reward periodically.


<cite>Tim Tello, COO</cite>

The fourth and final incentive for Q2 holders is the ability to award grants. We lightly touched on this earlier as well. All Q2 holders have the capability to vote on grant opportunities for games they are excited to play. This literally puts the power of funding new games in the hands of those who will be playing them. As Tello put it, “Tell us what games you like. Tell us what creators you like. Tell us what developers you like. Vote for them. Give grant funding from us to them. We want them to be successful because you want them to be successful. That's how the games industry is going to grow.”


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