The Birth of Pocketful of Quarters and How POQ Continues to Strive Toward Its Founding Mission

The Birth of Pocketful of Quarters and How POQ Continues to Strive Toward Its Founding Mission

Pocketful of Quarters


POQ Origin Quarters

Pocketful of Quarters’ origin story is an interesting one. The idea first came from the mind of a twelve-year-old, George Weiksner, son of POQ’s co-founder and CEO, Mike Weiksner. An avid gamer, George’s biggest problem was that he had spent all of his money on Madden and all of his friends were leaving Madden to play Fortnite. When he told his dad that there should be a way to transfer hard-earned tokens from game to game, Mike knew blockchain could correct this issue, and POQ was born.

The Issue of Fragmentation

POQ was started with a player’s perspective in mind and was built out of necessity. POQ is on a mission to solve a common problem for all gamers: It is impossible to move in-game currency from one game to another. Until now, when a player purchased or earned in-game currency, that currency was locked in a virtual prison: the game it was purchased in. Players were forced to use all of their purchased in-game currency or abandon it when changing game titles. The latter option is worse. Players are forced to feel as though they have wasted their money leaving it in one game. This fragmentation has splintered players, stunting growth in the gaming community.


-- <cite>Tim Tello, COO</cite>

As Tello put it, game fragmentation creates “a world where everything is bought with gift cards”, so at “Store A you have to use Store A’s gift card and at Store B you have to use Store B’s gift card.” You see where this is going. Everyone knows what happens when you get a gift card, “You’re going to have a dollar-fifty left on card A and four dollars left on card B.” You’ll never find something for the exact price left on your gift card, meaning “That money is just lost!” The issue this causes for developers is that even though this system is technically creating user retention, it also greatly lowers the value of a user’s in-game currency.

The Solution of Quarters

This is why POQ aims to solve fragmentation. Using blockchain technology, POQ has developed a cross-game, cross-platform currency that gives players freedom of movement. POQ’s in-game token, Quarters, is approved by US regulators. Quarters are a fully interoperable in-game token that allows users to move tokens from game to game with no breakage. Looking back at the gift card example, imagine that you have a Visa gift card that is accepted virtually everywhere. The power to have a currency that is accepted across all stores opens up the world. You’re no longer limited to only shopping at one store instead you are free to shop wherever you please.


-- <cite>Tim Tello, COO</cite>

What POQ is doing for the world of gaming is no different than what Visa did for shopping with gift cards. With the ability to “take tokens across the blockchain from one game to the next,” POQ is creating an in-game token with the ability to be accepted in every game, establishing “The Visa of the Metaverse” as Tello put it. This utility is the greatest use of blockchain in the gaming industry. Instead of creating more paywalls and plugging speculative coins, Quarters tear down paywalls and have no value outside their ecosystem meaning players don’t lose money over time. Quarters are the answer to POQ’s mission to make gaming better for everyone.


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