What is POQ and How Does it Work?

What is POQ and How Does it Work?

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As we mentioned in our last episode, POQ was created with a player’s mindset to solve a common issue; however, we want to get to the heart of what POQ is and how it works. To quote Tim Tello, “POQ is the infrastructure needed to move from server-based games to blockchain-based games without the breakage that you find in most web3 games.” In addition to aiding developers in the web3 transition, POQ gives publishers the power to create their own interoperable token.

Smooth Web3 Transition

The issue many web3 games currently face is the use of a custodial wallet that has to verify each transaction with the user. This verification process creates a gameplay breakage every time a coin is collected, and or an XP point is gained. The player must stop playing and choose to accept every transaction. As you can imagine, this would make playing the game extremely tedious, “It would kill the game, no one would want to play it.” says Tello.


-- <cite>Tim Tello, COO</cite>

POQ’s solution to this issue is simple, yet revolutionary. If web3 is going to be successful in the gaming industry, it has to be similar to the internet, “No one really cares how the internet works, they just care that it works.” A gaming transition into web3 has to be completely seamless, “It has to make games better, but it has to do it in a way that no one realizes that they’re using web3. I look at it as web2.5” explains Tello. POQ’s interoperable token, Quarters, accomplishes this goal of seamlessness with a Zero-Click patent allowing blockchain transactions to happen in real-time without any breakage in gameplay.

White label Solution

When it comes to working with publishers, Tello mentioned “We’re not at the point where we believe that every publisher wants to use Quarters in their game, nor do we believe that they want to share their user base with other people.” Some publishers may not want to integrate Quarters at this time, but see the benefit to an interoperable token that can move between their ecosystem of games. For these publishers, POQ has developed a white label product: Coin Forge.


-- <cite>Tim Tello, COO</cite>

Coin Forge is exactly what it sounds like: a tool used by publishers to forge an interoperable coin of their own. As Tello put it, “Coin Forge allows publishers to take our product and put their own label, logo, and name on it.” These coins act in a manner similar to Quarters as they are interoperable between games pre-approved by the publisher. For example, EA could create an EA SPORTS token to move between Madden, FIFA, and all other EA SPORTS games. According to Tello, through the use of Coin Forge, “The Epic game store could really compete with Steam by creating a token out of V-bucks that is shared with every indie developer that came onto the platform.” The technology behind Quarters makes all of this possible. Quarters and Coin Forge are compliant and secure under all US regulatory laws. Additionally, you don’t need any blockchain knowledge to use our SDK. You simply plug and play.


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