Tim Tello and the Assembly of the POQ Team

Tim Tello and the Assembly of the POQ Team

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In the past we’ve discussed the ways in which POQ is forging the future of web3 gaming and how Quarters will allow freedom for players, developers, and publishers alike. The next question to answer is “Why is this team the right team to bring blockchain to the gaming industry as a whole?” The answer to that question starts with the games industry veteran we sit down with every week and the team recruited to accomplish the POQ mission.

Gaming Vet, Blockchain OG 

Most people imagine the gaming industry as thousands of executives supervising tens of thousands of developers building games. According to Tello, “It’s really just a couple hundred of us that all fit into one hotel lobby for GDC or E3.” Throughout Tello’s ten years in the games industry he had the opportunity to run his own indie game studio. There he realized you can pour everything you have into a game, but marketing and customer acquisition will always be a struggle for small studios no matter the quality of the game.


<cite>Tim Tello, COO</cite>

Along with his experience in the games industry, Tello was an early adopter and investor to blockchain technology. Since 2013, Tello has been watching the progression of blockchain and investing in projects he found to be worthwhile. This extensive investment of time, money, and conversations with other early adopters and leaders has made Tello an expert in blockchain. Many consider those who were involved in blockchain as late as 2019 to be somewhat early adopters of the industry, to which Tello amusingly replied “if that’s OG I’m as OG as it gets.”

Team Building

In the meantime, POQ co-founders Mike Weiksner and his son George were simultaneously attacking the problem of interoperability within the gaming ecosystem – Weiksner knew that blockchain tech would be able to address this issue and was building solutions. The gaming experience of Tello and the blockchain CS expertise of Weiksner jointly became Pocketful of Quarters. They knew cross-game and cross-platform capabilities would enable true interoperability, and that Quarters had the ability to solve the user acquisition and marketing issues indie developers experience. From there, POQ just needed to build the team to get the job done. Today, POQ’s team spans across the globe and is comprised of a highly skilled and diverse workforce.


<cite>Tim Tello, COO</cite>

When coming into POQ, Tello wanted to partner with companies that share a developer-focused mindset. As one of the largest supporters of indie developers, Unity has always been helpful in the creation of games. With POQ’s plug and play SDK, “POQ is now Unity’s only verified blockchain partner.” In addition to finding the right partner companies, it is imperative that POQ partners with the right people with the right experience. Tello and Weiksner also brought in “Chris Cross, the creator of Medal of Honor; Mark Caplan, Senior Vice President at Sony, and Keith Munro, former VP of Global Marketing at EA,” just to name a few. With about one-hundred years in the gaming industry combined, POQ is bringing out the full potential of what blockchain can do in the world of gaming.


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