Supercharge retention across game portfolios

A paradigm shift in the video game market is underway. Growth is down, player acquisition and retention costs continue to skyrocket, and games are highly fragmented with no common currency between them.

Players also continue to experience the pain point of losing 100% of their hard-earned in-game tokens when they switch games, highlighting the rigidity of the system, but also pointing to the opportunity of interoperability.

Coinforge is POQ’s white label interoperable token for medium-sized and large publishers to supercharge their retention rates within their own ecosystem of titles.

dev benefits

Works for AA and AAA Publishers

Cross-pollination of your chosen token lets you create an arcade for any portfolio of titles

Players naturally churn out of individual games, but Coinforge allows for real incentives and cross-marketing for players to try new titles

Publishers can precisely address churn, pulling triggers to optimize retention

poq gameplay

Not just interoperability between games, but within gameplay itself

In addition to cross-game transfers and the arcade experience created, Coinforge allows for token interoperability IN GAMEPLAY, evolving social-competitive gaming:

Strike and opponent in a fighting game, and tokens move from their wallet to yours

Cooperatively take down a boss and instantly share in the token rewards for your mission

Token transfers inside of games amps up the fun and opens up limitless possibilities for game designers. POQ’s Coinforge tech and easy adoption brings this to life!

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