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Why integrate Quarters?

"Offer your players the best possible experience while funding your project. Integrate the first game token with blockchain technology that is easy to use and interoperable with other minutes"

Full support, detailed documentation, complete walkthrough

Background API

One simple API to integrate with any game

Attract streamers

Attract streamers

Streamers can earn money by playing your game and promoting it to their audience.

Reward players

Reward players

Players can earn and spend Quarters in your game, and in other games integrating Quarters. So now you can reward players significantly more than before.

Host Events

Host events

Host events in PoQ for reaching millions of players and earn Quarters for your game while promoting it.

Zero-Click purchases

Zero-Click purchases

Microtransactions never have been easier. Everything is handled by the Quarters API.

Quarters Dev Fund

The future of fun is interoperable

Quarters integration opens up cross-marketing opportunities with diverse communities, making game exploration easier and providing access to much larger audiences.

Coinforge, our white label token for larger publishers, allows for real incentives and marketing to encourage players to try new titles within an ecosystem or portfolio of games.asier and providing access to much larger audiences.

Reach and retain more players