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Play together across games and across platforms


What are Quarters?

Quarters are the first in-game utility token that has been cleared by US regulators as a consumer product.

The interoperability of Quarters allows players to purchase digital assets in-game, play and transfer tokens across games and platforms.

Quarters are available for purchase on Apple and Google stores, or by credit card at poq.gg.

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Quarters Utility Token


Quarters across games

Game currencies are typically trapped within games and if a player chooses to move to another game their hard-earned in-game currency will remain in the old game.  Quarters were created to solve this problem. With Quarters, players have the freedom to move across games and across platforms seamlessly without losing their hard-earned in-game currency.

Quarters are an interoperable, safe, and fun in-game utility token that empowers players with the choice and flexibility to choose.


Quarters can be used in Quarters-enabled games for in-game purchases. Playing with Quarters allows you to move between games and maintain the same balance in your account from one game to the next!