At Pocketful of Quarters, sustainability and helping to protect our environment is not only a mindset but also a commitment that helps guide our business decisions. The preservation of Earth’s environment is core to our values and those of our customers and consumers. We also understand that some segments of the blockchain industry have deservedly taken criticism for their energy consumption, much of which may be derived from hydrocarbon energy sources.

As such, we have taken steps to reduce our carbon footprint now and in the future.

In the blockchain space, we are chain agnostic and have a choice of partners. However, we ONLY work with chain partners that utilize proof-of-stake verification as part of their process. This is important because these chains are 99.9% more energy efficient compared to proof-of-work projects.

This is our single-largest business decision that impacts the reduction of our company’s and the industry’s contribution to carbon footprint.

In addition, Pocketful of Quarters’ roadmap has plans to measure and address reductions in Scope 3 emissions, including any direct emissions produced, indirect emissions via consumption, and any indirect emissions in POQ’s value chain.