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Pocketful of Quarters

Quarters are a patented cross-game, cross-platform digital currency enabled by blockchain technology. Tokens that move across games means flexibility for both players and developers, multiplying games played and expansion of social communities.


Coinforge dramatically increases retention and game discovery within game portfolios for AA and AAA publishers. Coinforge is our white label solution for publishers seeking to incentivize, reward, and retain players in their ecosystem.


Patent for Blockchain Gaming

Unity Verified Solution

Blockchain Gaming Implementation

Web3 Loyalty

Interoperable loyalty tokens used within and between (non-competitive) products or services is a supercharge opportunity for these brands. It enables exposure between brands that share target audience characteristics, incentivizes discovery of products and services, and rewards loyalty. The verified shared ledger and data illuminates segmentation, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral information to allow brands to access and drive loyalty promotions in a targeted manner, without the burden of PII.

Quarters Explained

Interoperable tokens unlock game discovery and gameplay potential


Play together across games and across platforms

Don’t lose your hard-earned tokens when you try new game experiences

Earn and use Quarters across games

Easy discoverability of new games using Quarters



Build social, interoperable games — no blockchain engineer needed

Integrate Quarters to simplify monetization

Cross-market games within a chosen ecosystem or portfolio

Benefit from a cross-platform economy